PHOTOS: Versus Tuesdays @F8 - G-Unit vs. Murder Inc

Photos are now up for your viewing pleasure from round 2 of our "Versus Tuesday" party with our HGMNY fam at F8.  A huge thank you to everyone, especially our friends and family who consistently show love at our events.  Most importantly, to all the new friends and faces we've met through this music thing, we can't wait to rock wit y'all again in the very near future.  

FE Doubles: NOMAD

First up for our new 'FE Doubles' series is London's NOMAD. On the A side we have his original tune 'Jordgrubbe', and the B side features a fun flip of JiII Scott's 'It's Love'

FE Doubles - NOMAD.jpg
BlckSpkz & LodaCris.png

FREE Hip Hop Happy Hour @ The Rocksteady Oakland

Your favorite Hip-Hop Happy hour is back in Oakland!  Come by for dope music, drink specials, and great company.  We're playing some of your loved but maybe forgotten Hip Hop/R&B tracks from the 90s and 2000s!  Bring a friend or two and have a drink or ten.


So excited to announce that every first and third Tuesday, we will be holding it down along with our HGMNY familia at F8 with their new "Versus" parties!  Each week will feature your loved but maybe forgotten tracks by some of the hottest producers and artists of the 90s and 2000s.  Round two of our bi-monthly event will feature music from legendary crews Murder Inc. and G-unit.  Amir Raad (HGMNY), Jackson Waites (FE), Dylan (HGMNY), and Roevicious (FE) will be supplying the tunes.

It's FREE with an RSVP, otherwise it's $5 at the door.  We got taco specials, drink specials, and feel goods for everyone looking for something to get into on Tuesdays.  Hope to see you there :)

Versus Round Two.jpg